Chiropractic Testimonials

Dear Dr. Wallace:

This letter is long overdue. I came to your office November 2013, barely able to stand for more than a few seconds, hoping that you could help me. I was in such pain that when I called one of my doctors to cancel an appointment, the receptionist referred me to you. To be honest, I was skeptical as I never knew chiropractic care even existed outside of bad jokes. You all proved me wrong.

Both you, Dr. Neddo and all of your staff are amazing! Everyone was friendly, kind, and professional and I still feel very supported today – more like I am among family than in a doctor’s office. Thanks to you I am now able to do nearly any task: stand up straight, housework, shopping, gardening and work without pain.

Thank you for helping me avoid surgery and healing me! I have and will continue to refer people to you because you have made such a difference in my life. Please feel free to share my story with others.

Thanks again!

"A lost art in my opinion with doctors these days is being personal. You don't want to go to a doctor and feel like you are just part of a assembly line. You won't feel like that here. All of the staff gets to know you, ask you how your day was, and makes the experience that much better."

- Robert W.

"After only 3 visits, I was pain free within my limitations. I feel overall so much better since I started getting spinal adjustments with Dr. Wallace!"

- Anonymous

"Dr. Wallace is very thorough, knowledgeable and concerned about your health. I can tell a difference when I go to my treatments regularly. I have seen friends treated for more serious injuries and they have come back strong in a short period of time. The staff is great. Easy to get appointments when needed."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Beth is absolutely incredible, personable, and very on-point. The techs are kind and attentive and do their best to make you feel comfortable."

- Anonymous

"I was seen promptly and received excellent care. Everyone from front desk to techs and doctor were friendly, helpful and efficient."

- Caralee P.

"Everyone is very pleasant, Smiling faces when you walk in the door up to the time you leave, Caring people..Great Doctor....Love coming there.."

- Margaret R.

"Great Doctors. Dr. Wallace tells you exactly what's going on and how he wants to treat it."

- Anonymous

"I highly recommend Carroll Chiropractic to anyone! From my very first visit, I felt right at home and was greeted by name from my second visit on! The staff is friendly and competent. After suffering from back pain for 20+ years, I am now almost completely pain free, and I have Dr. Wallace and Carroll Chiropractic to thank for it!"

- Jennifer H.

"Have been going to Dr. Wallace for years....he has helped greatly!"

- Anonymous

"I have been using Carroll Chiropractic for years - even before Dr. Wallace and Henson. I always found professionalism. The current doctors, Wallace and Henson, are terrific. They can find and get rid of the "kinks" we have very quickly and get us on the smooth road to feeling great. I have had two very serious car accidents in the last 3 years and had no broken bones, but instead had a lot of torn or bruised tendons and ligaments. Unfortunately, these are the kinds of problems that take the longest to conquer, and mine are permanent. If I did not come for maintenance or just keeping loosened up, I would be a mess. When I walk out of the office, I feel so much better. These doctors are kind, compassionate, and professional. I recommend them both. The worse thing you can do is nothing! It will then take a long time to heal. If you have a fall of any kind, an accident, or whatever, go immediately to get it straightened out!"

- Wilma B.

"Staff is friendly and Dr. Wallace is great!"

- Anonymous

"I had a bad back with severe pain in my legs and low back. The diagnosis was degenerated disk disease, 3 bulging disks and spinal arthritis. In 2010, I started out with daily visits with Dr. Jeff Wallace and his wonderful staff. In the beginning, I could not hardly even walk into his office for treatment. The staff is so kind and helpful to you, and they treat you like you were their own family. Eventually, my pain decreased and now it is pretty much gone. After 6 months I was able to ride my horse again. Now I am riding twice a week without pain. I never thought I would be able to continue riding, but now I can. It is important to continue with my maintenance chiropractic visits every other week, but that is just to stay healthy and pain free. Sometimes I have a flare up with my back, but it is nothing compared to when I first started chiropractic visits. And Dr. Jeff Wallace and his wonderful staff always fixes whatever is hurting. They all really care for each patient. I am very thankful to Carroll Chiropractic."

- Anonymous

"Chiropractic adjustments have been helpful to me in combating chronic migraines, neck & shoulder tension, and back pain. Dr. Beth is sympathetic, professional, very knowledgeable. The CA's are all very capable and very pleasant. Just be sure to watch your payments and keep track of your appointments; I've had some trouble in the past reconciling the insurance payments and my co-pays with their computer system."

- Joan M.

"The adjustment by Dr. Wallace was first rate as usual. The electric stimulus is always different as I routinely have a new tech every time I go. It would seem to me that they need some more training as they are always asking me where I want the electrodes placed. I think they should know from my chart the proper way to address my condition. All in all, it is friendly, professional, and efficient office."

- Anonymous

"The staff is wonderful! Always courteous and treat me like a person not a number. They know who I am and what my needs are. The doctors take the time to listen to where my pain is. They are all gentle in their care. I definitely feel better after my visits!"

- Anonymous

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